Wadi Salib

The neighborhood of Wadi Salib in the center of Haifa was at one time crowded and lively until it was taken over by the Hagana, and it's houses were given to Jews who had only recently immigrated from North Africa. The immigrants were housed in crumbling buildings, and which were below accepted living standards.  The neighborhood residents were poor, and there was a very large gap, both in income and social standing, between them and the European immigrants - who were given very different housing.  This gap was the founding crack upon which the social animosity between the ethnic groups was based.  In 1959, following violent neighborhood events, the violence snowballed into the surrounding neighborhood of Hadar HaCarmel.

The photographic series is of what is now left of the Wadi Salib neighborhood.  The layers of colors on the walls bring us back through the years to when it was inhabited, and the city of Haifa as it is now can be seen through the empty windows.This part of Haifa's history, where different ethnic groups battled between themselves, is often ignored and erased.  

The photographs are the beginning of an ongoing project, in which I would like to show life brought back to these abandoned buildings: the return of people and the items of their lives.  In doing so, I would like to focus on the sentence "Somebody lived here once". 

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