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Dorit Jordan Dotan, Israeli-German artist, is an internationally-based visual artist and independent curator. In her artistic and curatorial work she focus on social, environmental, animal rights and political issues. Through her art activism, she attempt to call attention to social, human rights and cultural issues.


Dotan has exhibited in the US, Canada, Europe and Israel .She participated in the Jerusalem Biennale in 2015 and  in 2016. 

Her curated exhibition Far From The Front Lines a perspective view about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was on view in 2017 at the Evanston Art Center. She was a juror and  a guest curator of her Refreshing Feminism exhibition, created for the Woman Made Gallery, Chicago, 2019. As part of her artist residency In Berlin, she curated an exhibition in Berlin  I am. an. immigrant. about the  triangle between cultural conquest, assimilation and integration of asylum seeker and refugees in Europe.

She is a fellow with the Jewish Art Salon New York and Co-Curates the JAS's virtual Open Studios Program.

In recent years she exhibited at The Heller Museum NYC (HUC Museum), in a continuing process of creating contemporary Jewish Art.

In 2020 she completed a 2 year study of Curatorial and Museology Studies at the Institute for Israeli Art at the The Academic College, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa. Dotan completed an internship at the Haifa City Museum and in 2022 an internship at Museum Friedland, Germany, located at The Friedland Transit Camp.



Recent and current exhibitions have included Photography.

Installations, Mixed & New Media, Video Art:

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